Talita working as a chiropractor, working on a man's shoulders.
Talita working as a chiropractor, working on a man's shoulders.

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Chiropractic care in Kyogle,
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The human body’s ability to self-heal and maintain health is truly remarkable. Chiropractic care harnesses this innate potential by focusing on the brain, spinal cord, and nervous system. Through gentle and precise physical manipulation, it triggers holistic healing with numerous far-reaching benefits.

At Kyogle Chiropractic, and Inspired By Health we provide comprehensive chiropractic services through the use of targeted therapies and manual techniques, depending on what conditions you need treated.

Personalised Chiropractic

Our skilled chiropractor, Dr Talita Hedley, offers comprehensive chiropractic services, employing targeted therapies and manual techniques tailored to your unique needs.

We consider factors like immune health, recent injuries, and your musculoskeletal well-being when crafting a personalised treatment plan.

Accessible Care for All

We pride ourselves on the ability to treat patients of all ages and have additional training in pre and post-natal care.

Whether you’re local in Kyogle or Lismore, or joining us from nearby areas such as Ballina, Byron, Lennox, Casino, or Bonalbo, booking an appointment is quick and easy. Let’s embark on your journey to enhanced wellness.

What chiropractic techniques do we use?

At Kyogle Chiropractic and Inspired By Health we use a mixture of diversified technique, activator technique, cranial therapy and trigger point therapy.


Diversified technique is the most widely used technique in Chiropractic. It involves adjusting predominantly the joints of the spine (but is not exclusive to the spine). The movement itself is specific to a chosen joint that is fixated, and using a fast movement is restored. Most people find this type of adjustment very relieving.


Activator technique utilises a tool called the activator in order to restore movement to affected joints. It is a particularly useful tool for those who aren’t wanting any quick manual adjustments to a particular area. It is considered a more gentle technique.


Cranial therapy is used when required and is a very gentle technique that works to correct restrictions in the cranial system.
The joints of the skull have a very small degree of movement and can be worked on gently by hand to ease tension, restore proper movement and promote optimal functioning.
This technique can be utilised with babies and children and is very gentle and calming.


Trigger point therapy is used to reduce tension in muscles. At Inspired by Health and Kyogle Chiropractic we utilise the release of muscles in order to get better results from our Chiropractic spinal adjustments.

Chiropractic treatments
during pregnancy

We have a particular passion for working with pregnant women, and also offer post-natal treatments.
When adjusting a pregnant woman, there are special considerations made to safely accommodate a growing belly and the additional relaxing hormone that starts to encourage more flexibility in the body.

Chiropractor gently assessing a pregnant woman with her hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Essentially, chiropractic means ‘done by hand’. The practice refers to the physical manipulation, either by hand or with a specialised instrument, to put sudden and focused force on parts of the spine to improve mobility and the physical functions of your body.

Yes. Chiropractic care is drug-free and non-invasive. You will need to divulge any prior or current conditions that could be negatively affected by a chiropractic session. Your specialist will ask you about these. Outside of that, chiropractic care has a great safety record. It’s important to note that no health treatment is free of adverse effects.

There are many points that can be targeted in Trigger Point Therapy. Along the shoulder blades, across the lower back, at the base of the skull—your chiropractor will target areas that are specific to your pain and the conditions you are dealing with. 

An activator is an instrument used to apply force to distinct areas on the spine. The use of this tool is especially beneficial for patients who don’t want to be ‘cracked’ by hand.

Yes. Many people visit chiropractors for help with tension headaches, migraines and other chronic pain conditions. 

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